Calgary tech company commercializes new COVID-19 “Quarantine Compliance” app

PR Newswire / April 15, 2020, Calgary, AB – Local technology firm Connectus Global Inc, along with its application development partners Presagient Corp, Aktirak Corporation and Nubix Inc, today announced a commercial launch for their COVID-19 Quarantine Compliance app “QC-Clock” with SureHire Occupational Testing and PBA Land Development Ltd.

The QC-Clock app creates structured quarantine compliance records that can help people, communities, and businesses mitigate the risks of exposure and spread of COVID-19, and enhance planning for an accelerated return to work and community activities following the pandemic. This first commercial offering will package the QC-Clock mobile app with COVID-19 testing kits, hand sanitizer, and personal protective equipment to help support client companies during their pandemic response.

Mike Anderson, CEO of Connectus Global, stated “We are really pleased to announce this exciting opportunity to work with SureHire Occupational Testing and PBA Land Developments and bring the necessary tools to companies that can help accelerate a return to work and community life following the pandemic. We hope that by bringing more partners together in a cohesive way, we can set an example for other communities and cities across Canada to emulate.”

Kyle Powell, CEO of SureHire Occupational Testing, noted “SureHire already provides occupational testing services across North America through a comprehensive network of testing facilities. By providing new COVID-19 tests to our clients as part of a structured pandemic response program, we can help ensure a rigorous and diligent return to work for the disrupted workforce. The use of the QC-Clock to document these test results and other quarantine behaviours will be a key asset for employers to ensure that their people are fully supported during essential operations and return to work planning.”

“PBA Land & Developments is committed to the wellbeing of both our employees and tenants,” said Patricia Phillips, CEO. “Being able to create access to COVID-19 testing and QC-Clock to reinforce good social distancing behaviours reflects our commitment to support those that have been directly impacted by this pandemic, especially in our tenant community.”

The QC Clock app addresses privacy concerns by keeping all the users’ data encrypted on their own phone. The app will create a secure digital token that is published into a virtual distributed ledger using a blockchain being developed on the Google Cloud Platform, where only abstracted Risk, Compliance, and Trust scores can be seen by user-specified people or organizations. This ensures that all user data is always protected, as it never leaves the user’s phone.

The commercial version of the QC-Clock application will be available for deployment by organizational IT departments in early May; a free version for personal use will be available on Google Play and iTunes shortly thereafter.

For more information: info@qc-clock.com





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